Pathways to Housing

Pathways to Housing is a 12-18 month program that offers safe and affordable housing to those experiencing or about to experience homelessness in the ELANCO community. Participants build their emotional, physical, spiritual and financial resources during their time in the program.

The purpose of Pathways to Housing is to see families exit the program being able to sustain housing on their own, have increased resources and support systems, an increased credit score and a positive landlord referral from CrossNet. 

CrossNet Ministries works with families and individuals who are eligible with housing support and referrals. Please contact Joan at 717-355-2454 for more information.

Pathways to Housing at Trinity Lutheran Church

In September 2019,  CrossNet began the program, Pathways to Housing, in partnership with Trinity Lutheran Church in New Holland. Trinity Lutheran Church allowed us to use an apartment unit to begin this 12–18-month program to support those experiencing homelessness.

Pathways to Housing at Petra Church

Shortly after that, CrossNet was able to expand the program in partnership with Petra Church, to include two additional units. We were excited to be able to have three families in the program at one time. 

An apartment building owned by CrossNet

In 2019, CrossNet started the Brick-by-Brick Capital Campaign to purchase this building. We completed that campaign in 2020 and in January 2021, we were able to close on this 8-unit property in New Holland. For the last two and a half years, CrossNet has completely renovated the exterior of the property with the support of many donors and partners. We have also renovated the interior of three units at the property. 

We recently completed the landscaping at the property thanks to Showcase Lawn works! And we placed a new plaque in the flower beds. 
Each donor, unless requested to be anonymous, is now listed at the property on this beautiful plaque.

Learn more about Pathways to Housing in the videos below:

For more information on our Pathways to Housing program, please call our office at 717-355-2454.