End of Year Update and Big Announcement!

Dear CrossNet Ministries’ Supporters,

I am grateful to write to you with an update from CrossNet Ministries (CrossNet). This year, 2022, has been a year of trusting God for provision. It has been a year of reaching out to you, our supporters, with financial requests and needs. And it has been a year of looking ahead with hope! 

As I look back on 2022, I am reminded that there have been additional “asks” to you. CrossNet has been in a Capital Campaign and had several changes in our fundraising events. Through all the requests, we have been reminded of God’s provision. Recently, I have been reading through the Old Testament, and I was reminded that God provided each morning for the Israelites in the wilderness with food and water (Psalm 78). He asked His people to trust Him. The same is true for us.  It has been an honor to see God provide over and over. Please join us collectively to say, “Thank you Lord!”

I am excited to share what God has done through your support, partnership, and prayer this year. I want to highlight two areas: financial provisions and stories of lives changed. 

First, two updates about financial provisions. We are wrapping up the year with two (2) financial matches that were graciously given to CrossNet.

1.     The November Match – A few weeks ago, we shared that we would be raising funds throughout November with a $150,000 match and a goal of $300,000 for programs and our general budget. I am excited to share that we surpassed this goal, raising over $309,700. Thank you for partnering with us in this new fundraising effort and trusting CrossNet to continue to offer help and hope in our community!

2.     The Capital Campaign – I am excited to give you an update! In March 2022, we shared that we were beginning a Capital Campaign to expand CrossNet Ministries’ physical space and purchase and renovate a large warehouse at 110 West Franklin Street. We have graciously been gifted a $1.5 million matching grant by a local foundation that aligns with our mission and values. We have been sharing the vision and raising funds for the past 8 months. We are grateful to share with you that we have reached the goal of raising an additional $1.5 million completing the $3 million goal! Praise God! These funds will help us purchase and renovate the warehouse to expand programs and meet the space needs that we have. Thank you to each person who partnered with us to make this possible. It is overwhelming and exciting to see this step in the dream completed. Our plan is to purchase the property in January 2023. More information about the renovation process, progress, and plans will be shared in the new year! 

All these fundraising goals are for one purpose: to continue the mission at CrossNet Ministries. CrossNet Ministries exists to offer help and hope in the name of Jesus by empowering people in the ELANCO community. We focus on the areas of YouthSocial ServicesCommunity, and Food & Nutrition. The mission is two-fold: to build relationships and to build resources in the lives of those we serve.

Second, I want to highlight stories of lives changed. Our 2022 Stats Flyer (which you can see at the bottom of this page) shows the number of people who have been served this year and continue to be served on a regular basis in the community through CrossNet. Behind each number is a story – a story of someone in our community who is building their resources and building relationships with volunteers and staff. While there are hundreds of stories to share, I wanted to share with you about a family in our program, Pathways to Housing:

A family moved into one of our Pathways to Housing units approximately two years ago. They have experienced quite a few hurdles during this time that include facing COVID difficulties and loss within the family, job changes and more. However, this mom built her resources by attending workshops, increasing her relational support, and not giving up. She built connections with a local church that partners with the program, built friends within the programs and connected closely with her case worker. In one week, she will graduate from Pathways to Housing and move into her own home! Congrats to this mom and her children! 

I hope you are encouraged and blessed by hearing how your support is making an impact in the community. Families, kids, teens, and individuals are receiving resources and building relationships to make steps out of poverty. As CrossNet looks to 2023, we have joy and hope about the growth and space we will be working on to continue the mission and continue to see lives changed and impacted by the message of Jesus! 

Finally, I want to share an update with you regarding our budget. Our 2022 Budget goal is $1,225,560. I am grateful to share we have just met our budget goal with the support and help through the November Match! Our 2023 budget is $1,386,750. This increase includes one additional support staff, increased resources for housing and people experiencing homelessness, an increase to food programs due to higher food costs and an increase to youth programs. To continue to partner with us in the ministry and to help with the increased budget for 2023, you can send your tax-deductible donation to CrossNet Ministries in the enclosed envelope. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at Meredith@elancocross.org or (717) 355-2454.

Thank you for your impact and help to offer hope in ELANCO.

On behalf of the Board and staff, Merry Christmas, and many thanks!

Meredith Dahl

Executive Director

Click here to view our 2022 Statistics Flyer.