Student shares her story at Lancaster Bible College’s Spring Formal

Lancaster Bible College students honored several local non-profit organizations at their annual formal. CrossNet Ministries was highlighted among the group. Cathy Lupold, a former CrossNet Ministries student, expressed her story at the event. Below are the words that she shared. We are thankful for her testimony and willingness to share the impact CrossNet Ministries has played in her life. Thank you for partnering with us to see lives changed by Jesus Christ.

“At first I attended Youth Center nights, which were run by CrossNet Ministries, as a pass time activity towards the end of my Junior year and throughout my Senior year of high school. I often kept to myself and hadn’t known a lot of people that I could talk to or befriend. Over time, I learned how nice everyone was and it became easier to open up. I was introduced to many programs like Girl’s Connection and Girls Group. During the time I was in these programs, I got to meet other girls and had the chance to get to know them. I’ve even gone on trips with the Cross, like the Winter Retreat to Camp Orchard Hill last year, where I got to try new experiences. It was fun to engage in the message that was given by the speaker and the message through the music.
One program I was introduced to was the Mentoring Program. I did not know a lot of people at this point and was given Charis Pankratz as my mentor. Charis has helped me through a lot of my anxiety, and still does. One thing I love about her is that she teaches me that if you show kindness and act it out, it’s what you’re going to get back. I smile a lot more and I’m not as afraid to say a simple hello to someone passing by. She continues to be a huge help and inspiration to being the best me possible. Lately she’s been helping me on my college journey and I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for her.
As for the other staff, they’ve shown qualities and traits that I aspire to have one day. Their impact helps me want to be a better person, grow closer to God, help others in my community, and inspire others. I now see myself as someone different than I was a year and a half ago. They’ve not only helped me as a person, but also with my family and many other student’s families too with programs like Power Packs, the Food Pantry and Free Summer Lunches.
I’d like to thank the rest of the volunteers and staff for all they’ve done and I hope that they can have the same impact on others as they did on me.” Cathy Lupold